Are there facilities around Scuba Do?

Our center is located on the family beach Zanzibar. There are many restaurants and small shops around the divecenter.

Is there a minimum age for Scuba Diving?

The regular Dive Courses start from the ages of 10 and up. But we can already start diving with special kid programs starting from 8.

Do I need a medical clearance from a Doctor?

In case you want to participate in a course and you take any medications or there is a known medical condition we need to have a written approval from your physician that you are allowed to dive. In all other cases as long you can answer all questions with no on the medical paper, you don’t need permission.

Can I dive without any certifications?

For the non-certified we have various options. You can participate in an introduction course, a halve day course were we show you the basics of Scuba diving or you can start with your certification course.

Do you rent out Scuba equipment?

We have a well stocked rental area. As long as you can show us a proof of certification we can rent you all the equipment you need to go out diving.

Do I need to reserve in advance?

During the hi-season it’s advisable to book a few days in advance but mostly there’s no need for this.

What are your dive times?

All our dives (courses or guided) will start in the morning at 9.00 and in the afternoon at 13.30 hours. Depending the distance we travel for the dive sites, the schedule is roughly from 9.00 – 12.00 and from 13.30 – 17.00 hours.

Which dive sites you visit?

From all the sites on Curacao we selected the top sites and these you will find on our weekly schedule. Have a look here for some of the sites.

Do you have DIN tanks?

We have a DIN tanks available, but the majority of tanks are INT. INT to DIN adapters are available for rent.

What is the visibility like?

Normally the visibility is between 10 to 25 meters, a bad day of visibility here is equal to a good day of visibility in the European lakes.

What is the water temperature?

During the whole year you can dive in a 3 mm shorty. The temperatures won’t go below the 25 degrees Celsius. The warm period the water reaches the 30 degrees.

What are the languages you speak at the Divecenter?

All our staff speak fluently Dutch and English, besides this most of the staff also speak German and a few words Spanish here and there.

Can I get a private guide/instructor?

We can offer private dives, usually this is around 3 times the normal price, only when available.

Can I dive with a disability/handicap?

Yes, you can. We have a special program from SDI, scubility diver. In this course you learn to dive with your specific disability. If you are interested in this, make sure you have a medical clearance for diving from your own docter and contact Scuba Do for the planning.