Curaçao is well known for its excellent shore diving. Most of the island dive spots are comfortably accessible from the beach, a few – with a boat. You have a couple of options to explore the beautiful underwater world of Curaçao with Scuba Do. You can explore the island independently by car and equipped with a map, tanks and some useful tips from our professional staff. You can also join our guided dive trips. Or if you want to learn more sign up for a diving course.

If you decide to join us on of our divetrips or decide to explore the divesites on your own, we just need to see your diving certification and your are on your way. You can rent full gear or partially gear with us or just a couple of tanks and weights. We have everything to make your diving vacation a succes!

Either it's your first splash in the water or you are looking for a more experienced course like solo diving, we offer a wide range of courses from the beginner till the advanced diver. Kids starting from 8 y.o are also more then welcome to come diving with us.

If you want to participate in one of our courses, you need to read and sign the medical statement for Scuba Diving. Download here. If you need to answer any of these questions with a yes, we need a signed medical waiver from your Doctor. Otherwise your diving experience can already start today!


July 4, 2017
barbara beach curacao

Barbara Beach

July 4, 2017
mushroom forrest curacao

Mushroom Forrest

July 4, 2017
coral kokomo


July 4, 2017
klein curacao scuba divers

Klein Curacao

July 4, 2017
inside superior producer

Superior Producer

July 4, 2017
mariepampoen underwater


July 4, 2017
pier pilars near tugboat


July 4, 2017
directors bay curacao

Directors Bay

June 8, 2017
Underwater jan thiel

Jan Thiel Bay

June 7, 2017
double reef underwater

Double reef


July 6, 2017
underwater at jeremi

Playa Jeremi

July 6, 2017
klein knip scuba

Klein Knip

July 4, 2017
diving at snakebay

Snake Bay

July 4, 2017
underwater at lagun

Playa Lagun

July 4, 2017
casabou sign underwater

Cas Abou

July 4, 2017
porto mari curacao

Porto Mari

July 4, 2017
underwater playa kalki

Playa Kalki